Friday, December 29, 2006

Could this be 2006's final YSI?

Probably, but I'm really enjoying these two records in particular, both released in the week before Christmas. The first is My My's remix of Duoteque's My My's remix of Duoteque's "Amarcord" on Boxer. If you've heard the My My LP you know what to expect hear, if not, check this out, what starts off quite agitated gives way to some of those Detroit style melodies that have been popping up a bit more commonly in the last few months. While this is great, there really is a fine line between minimal meeting Detroit and just becoming boring electronic house. I've never been into labels like Galaktika or Déssous, apart from when the latter drafts in a decent remixer, and there are a slew of producers making vaguely US tinged Euro-house for the last few years and plodding along with production after production, none of which are ever great, these guys are probably just waiting for a chance to inflict their lounge compilation grooves on the world! So not too heavy on the US sounds please Germans, and the rest of the world...a little lushness is a dangerous thing.

The second track I'm linking dovetails nicely with this last point, it's by Marc Antona whom I've not heard of before, and is no Freak N Chic. I find myself checking Freak N Chic pretty regularly these days, having at one stage thought of it as sort of quaint acid house revivalism. This is the third record of 2006 I've really enjoyed on the label and that's better than many labels manage.

Perhaps the time is just right for Freak N Chic, aswell as lushness like My My seeping into minimal there's also been a return of more abrasive jacking rhythms, like the Jamie Jones release I recently blogged about, and of course Samim/Haze and co.

However I've also noticed a lot of tracks incorporating some of that weirdly organic feeling you get from certain early Chicago records. I mean organic in the sense of the music sounding sort of tropical or tribal. Kemi and Amox's "Natas" was a perfect example of this which I linked to a while back. "Happy Martians" by Antona also has this vibe, just listen to that bassline, so primal, you can practically see the steam rising from the trees. Of course it still sounds quite trendy and minimal and "now", but can the return of the bongo be far ahead of us? Beardo house?

And is this all just part of an endless process of recycling? Perhaps the future of house and techno is just continuing unfinished ideas from various points in the past, sometimes several at a time.

(As always if you like the above try and pick up the 12s or give the labels and producers some money in the future...)

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Thursday, December 28, 2006

2006 almost over...

A bizarre year trundles to an end: I was sick for this entire year, but despite some of the darker times in recent years there have been a number of highlights, which I won't detail too much, mostly writing and DJing really, if I've felt isolated this year I like to think I've used what's been a weirdly bare bones existence (at least in terms of you know, leaving the house) to spend more time taking stock of things and deciding what I want to do with my career, what kind of person I want to be, what parts of my self are worth retaining for the day when I might feel better. It's been a serious 2006 for me, not much frivolity I'm afraid, quite a lot of introspection, I mean, what else do you think about but the serious when you're feeling sick all the time.

In that vein, one thing which has struck me in the last week, is the sheer invincibility of a good family life. I realise this sounds a bit like Fr Ronan's Christmas homily, but most people probably don't get a snapshot of what it's like to depend on their family and really value the time spent with them until they're elderly. And of course plenty don't have a family they get along with. A good family care enough to understand when things are going badly and know you well enough not to care. I don't mean to suggest friendships are worthless or false, just that it's not humanly possible for most friends to help us when things are bad...

I've never been anti-Christmas anyhow, but Christmas this year has been particularly great because it's su\h an easy thing to engage in. I have a lot of great friends but the downright normality of family at Christmas is something chronic illness can't really take away, a good feeling, all too rare. This craving for normality actually feels kind of abnormal.

As for 2007, I hope to keep posting music and mixes here, and have a few career plans up my sleeve which could be interesting. I hope people have enjoyed reading this revived blog the last few months, I've really enjoyed writing it particularly as I've noticed a few more people reading in the last month or two. Or at least downloading the mp3s and thinking "wtf" at the illness monologues....

Anyway expect plenty of updates including a huge backlog of radio shows, lots of nice mp3s as usual, some interviews, and as much else about this wonderful music as I can fit in. Oh and I hope you all had a great Christmas, and that 2007 is a fantastic year...

Friday, December 22, 2006

Extra Extra: Minimal now meets Moodymann

I don't know whether to eulogise about this, or complain about lack of originality, I guess I can do a bit of both. Rejoice, because Lee Jones' (he of My My) re-working of Philly Soundworks "Sideshow", on Aus Music, is the quintessential deep house tune, an amazing melancholic late night tune. How does some house music just seem so utterly irrevocably tied to the night time? It's 1am now and even sitting at home at a computer, this record sounds like it could only have been made for night time, for silence, for that reflective atmosphere that covers everything in the morning hours. Night music is such a glorious term. And yet I can imagine this track (and others like it) being great in a club too.

Why is it that some of the most amazing electronic music we listen to while on euphoria inducing drugs is simultaneously so melancholy, so serious. Perhaps electronic music just illuminates what is actually a fine line between sadness and euphoria, between the present and the nostalgia that is soon to come. I just can't think of anything else which seems to evoke such seemingly opposite feelings, is it just projection on my part? Do we eventually just project our feelings onto the music we listen to? Is dance music a more blank canvas? Or maybe this is what "house is a feeling" really means; regardless of how often we go out to clubs or how many records we buy, once we've loved dance music once, even for a short time, like anything else, it retains a real power over us. "Those who know" about electronic music can never stop knowing.

Check it out

(Please buy some records sometimes, it's not hard! I bought this one!)

Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Here's a mix from Funboi, one of my co-DJs at's pretty poor but he needs all the exposure he can get, he is the breadwinner in a large family and DJing pays pretty badly. Seriously tho this is a nice mix on an electro/minimal tip, check it out below....

01. Misc - Silhouette
02. Yellow - Oh Yeah (Bodzin & Huntemann Mix)
03. Chloe & Sascha Funke - Point Final
04. Angelo Battilani - Empty
05. SLG - Caffeine
06. Pan-Pot - Black Dog (Jesse Rose Mix)
07. Kaliber 7.3
08. Lutzencraft - Amplify
09. Pig & Dan - On The Beat
10. Thomas Schumacher - Kickschool 79
11. John Acquaviva & Madox - Feedback (Oliver Koletzki Mix)

download it here

Saturday, December 16, 2006

A Christmas Surprise

Thursday, December 14, 2006


Get Physical/Traum/Jay Haze/Michal Ho/Ripperton/Ewan Pearson/Pascal FEOS

I'll be playing all of the above and more on Raidíó Na Life from 21.00 to 22.30 tonight...including the new Jesse Rose track on Get Physical I mentioned here this week, Ewan Pearson remixing the Pet Shop Boys, two new tracks on Junion from Michal Ho and Jay Haze, a whole heap of Traum/Trapez releases from the likes of Gabriel Ananda, Extrawelt, and Florian Meindl, new Stil Vor Talent...etc etc etc!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Feed You

Just a little admin note to say, if anyone wants to let me know how the feed is working, or that it's working ok, that'd be great. I had a little bit of confusion with feedburner where they asked me if I wanted to podcast and I thought "yes if I knew how" , I hope it assuming I am a podcast isn't fucking things up for you guys...if so let me know in the comments box below...and if anyone knows an easy way to set up a podcast where I upload my radio show somewhere and it then goes out to you guys, also let me know, I'm not an expert on these things.

Thanks a lot, and hope the 4 people signed up for the feed are getting some enjoyment out of it...

Late Contenders...

I wish I hadn't made my best of 2006 list a week or two ago, because good records keep coming out, even one or two which would probably make a top 10.

Principle among these is Jackmate's jawdropping rework of Solomun and Gebr Ton's "Taggeschau", another great release on the up and coming Diynamic. What to say about a record like this, stabbing melodies interlock to create an 8 minute epic which is laden with drama, to the point where Anja Schneider seems to have posted in Word and Sound that it might be that bit too dramatic for some DJs. I'm thinking for fans and most DJs (including Schneider I assume, she has still playlisted this in her chart which I posted here earlier this month) this record is going to be very special. It doesn't hurt that the other two tracks on the 12 are both great too, so far it seems Diynamic really have a good thing going, like a lot of current stuff this release has a sort of timeless appeal, when you play stuff like this it's like the crowd are familiar with the tunes since they are such classical examples of good house or techno. So just as with Solomun's last release you feel this record will go down a storm the first time you play it...

Check it out here

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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Jesse Does Jermany

Or perhaps it's vice versa? Jesse Rose's debut for Get Physical "Didn't I" explores the emerging middleground (or minimalground?) between some of the more US styled minimal that's been coming out(though I wouldn't say dominating, in terms of creativity or prevalence) and the techier Euro sounds we're more used to from Get Physical. The result is a track which sounds like Tuning Spork gone hi-fi...with Henrik Schwarz a good stylistic point of reference. The 12 has two mixes by Jesse Rose, the first is a sprawling 8 minutes of not quite 4/4 early morning minimal. It's by far the most Euro thing I've heard from Jesse Rose, who flirted with this concept on his recent remix of Pan-Pot on Mobilee...however that was nowhere near as deep and well, downright Germanic as "Didn't I". There's also a "Made To Play" mix which is a little more bumping and closer to Rose's original style, though it's not too close (which for this writer is a good thing!).

Finally you get a strong remix from Audion, who keeps things quite melodic and accessible which I suppose is the name of the game when recording for Get Physical. All in all it's the best release on GPM for some time, in my opinion. That's not to say that recent releases were bad, just they felt more like the end of the 2006 outbox. This, along with the recent news that Dixon will mix "Body Language IV-The Housening", certainly seems to put down a marker for the label's direction in 2007.

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Monday, December 11, 2006


Signed up to Technorati today as part of the general upgrade of the blog I've been doing lately (RSS feed now on the right, be sure and tell me if it ain't working, I'm learning this still)...saw that I had been linked by Samim having mentioned him in the post about Swiss artists.

It's a really nice blog he has there, showcasing his work and lots of cool videos too, and it's always welcome to get a link from someone making the music. Samim, if you're wondering, records for labels like Tuning Spork/Circus Company/Moon Harbour (to name a few), but you'll probably know him best as one half of the Get Physical act Fuckpony. If you still haven't heard the awesome acid drenched bible-funk of their "Switch On The Light/Pee On Me" release from this year (and it sank a little too quickly), then you're in luck cos it's getting a re-release on the mighty Cocoon recordings. It really is one of the best releases this year and definitely the most original (a must for anyone thinking they want to ditch all this minimal and hear some US sounds again)

The other half of Fuckpony is of course, Jay Haze whom I recently interviewed for the online magazine Flavorpill. That interview is forthcoming and I'll link to it here when it's's a very interesting chat with some strong views from Jay, a book/movie recommendation, and an interesting scoop on Timbaland...

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An older radio show

Part One
Part Two

Check it out...can't find the exact tracklist for this but it's got Shonky/Cardini on Mobilee, Ruede Hagelstein remixing Axel Bartsch on Sportclub, Radioslave's mix of Agoria's "Baboul Haircuttin", Sebastian Roya's "Compression" on Connaisseur etc....check it out. Last week's show on the way and hopefully can resume normal service of shows every Friday again soon.

If you'd prefer the above show as one complete file, in a better quality 220kbps, clocking in at about 140 here

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Friday, December 08, 2006

They like pop (but it's ok, a MAN is making it really)

Notice The Ticket, the weekly music section of the Irish Times leads with a piece on Pop Justice and "good pop music" this week, cue if ever there was one to lock the doors and turn on some fucked up screaming music or the most deranged CD in your collection , that is if you don't think liking pop music is big and clever and new.

This came up over on ILM recently (unfortunately the archive is down so can't link to the thread), a place where words like "popism" have been part of the casual lexicon for a couple of years now, since at least 2001 anyway. I feel now, as I did then, that the Pop Justice CD is just a desperate lunge by a site whose aesthetic is on its last legs. It's often the case in culture that acceptance and death or irrelevence go hand in hand, if you don't believe me then take note that most of the tracks on the Pop Justice CD are ancient, particularly with a genre like pop, where the sands shift quickly.

Couple that with the fact that some never were successful in the first place, and you're left wondering; whose definition of pop is this? Certainly not one vindicated by the charts anyhow...

As for the article, if you can get past the front cover of the Irish Times, a broadsheet newspaper with the usual casually rockist music section, billing this piece as "THE BATTLE TO KEEP POP MUSIC ALIVE" then that's an achievement in itself. I mean seriously, if Pop Justice ever fought any battles, it was against the constant assertion implicit in music journalism that the fleeting is worthless, that the term "style over substance" actually has any substance to it itself, that the general public are force fed this awful chicken feed music rather than choosing pop over its so often drab counterparts....

The piece opens by describing Pop Justice as approaching pop music with "ironic detachment", this despite the fact that two paragraphs later, the site's founder says, and I quote "I don't do this with any ironic detachment at all". How does one contradict the interviewee so blithely and then INCLUDE this contradiction in the final piece?

And this is is the only irony I see here, that even when posthumously fiddling with the corpse of a movement which sites like Freaky Trigger had locked down years ago, literally years ago, the IT still is full of the usual prejudices. Liking pop is "trivial", and has an "inbuilt sarcastic get out clause". Well damn those oily popists hides!

But worse is to come. Why is it that every male music fan saying they like pop must qualify this with praise for another male? Is it just in case we thought they liked Nelly Furtado? Phew close one guys, they like Timbaland not the vacuous plug in doll that is Nelly Furtado. "She's a woman for fuck sake!" CF Boyd's ludicrous (and utterly misinformed) paragraph here:

The other huge difference between the decades is in the role of the producer. Whereas before the producer would simply put a pop sheen on recordings - with the emphasis always being more on the image of the act - today's producer is an all-stop shop for the aspiring pop act. Where would Rihanna be without Stargate, or Christine Aguilera without Linda Perry? But the one person almost single-handedly responsible for the ascendancy of the pop producer is Timbaland

Erm....where would Patsy Kline be without Willie Nelson? Donna Summer without Moroder? Elvis without....whoever wrote Elvis's songs! The history of producer and diva/divo is pretty long and detailed, to suggest otherwise is just utterly idiotic. And the final sucker punch of establishing Timbaland as the male auteur behind the phony make up masks, well, if I knew the tune to that I could sing it. And who's to say what contribution Madonna makes to her work? Why can we assume she doesn't work with Stuart Price or Mirwais? Why can we assume this of Rihanna? Or whoever Linda Perry produces, how can we give her all the credit, let's not forget Linda Perry's solo career was a short affair, like many many other successful pop song writers. There's an inherent sexism to suggesting any of these acts named don't deserve their success or aren't an integral part of it. Even if they couldn't sing a note (eg Bob Dylan, the Sex Pistols) Image IS a talent.

Also can't help but mention Boyd's assertion that "a band like Steps would never make it today", at the same time as Westlife probably gear up to top the Xmas charts all over again. There's a curious failure to mention them in the piece, but then, when writing about sanitised pop music a la Pop Justice, I guess the golden rule is you must be sure not to mention the rakes and rakes of shit music people buy more of than Annie/Robyn. You know, popular pop!

While I accept it's always tempting to treat things as a "phenomenon" as a journalist, this is fatal when the "movement" in question was around long before the writer had a Constantinian revelation that "LIKING POP IS OK, SOME POP IS BETTER THAN NU ROCK". That said, in this case it's more likely the assignment just fell on the desk of the writer.

I wouldn't even bother bringing this up on this, a mostly dance blog, except that it's so symptomatic of the continuing pomp and ceremony with which the IT embraces the new, months after the horse has bolted(see also the recent lip serv...supplement on "that internet". They may have an older or aging readership, but they'll continue to age with nobody replacing them until the paper can accomodate some more credible culture/lifestyle/technology writing...from some young writers at the cutting edge...when was the last time a non news piece in the Irish papers was interesting? Answers on a postcard. Even with personal opinions aside, the above piece is pretty poorly realised, with some awfully illogical conclusions

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Thursday, December 07, 2006


Check out my radio show, tonight on Raidío Na Life 106.4FM at 21.00 until 22.30...on the web at

Featuring Claude Vonstroke remixing Mikael Weill, Robag Wruhme with an amazing jacking re-work of Jean Paul-Bondy on Compost, Tuning Spork and Fuckpony star Samim brings his bumping minimal sound to Circus Company with a pretty unhinged release, Oliver Koletzki teams up with Florian Meindl for "Stunde Null", some nice driving trance, Philadelphia's Miskate comes with a weird release on Roman Photo entitled "Techno Fur Die Kinder" which I guess means "Techno For The Kids", newcomer from Nagano Mitsuki Konamura with a trippy bleepy piece of acid house played by DJ T/Laurent Garnier/Jennifer Cardini etc, new Swiss minimal from Agnes on Plak, new Excercise One on Num, Douglas Greed on Combination (played by Anja Schneider) and last of all is ISOLEE, the genius takes on Mixmag hack Gavin Herlihy's new single on Mood Music.....and wins, with the usual submerged melody and individual Isoléé magic...

All of the above and whatever I manage to fit in from what I promised on last week's cancelled (due to illness) show!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Chocolate, Cheese, and Techno (LINK BELOW FIXED)

Can you guess which one of the above products, the production of which the Swiss excel at, is not allegedly bad for my health?

There's a wealth of great Swiss producers at the moment, it really makes you wonder what goes wrong for a country like Ireland, with a handful of producers but few labels and very little impact on the current wave of dance music apart from via Donnacha Costello's releases. I guess it's a problem with being an island, and of course the archaic licensing laws requiring all venues to close at 3 have made sure dance music never fully permeated the living rooms (and producer bedrooms) of the middle classes as much as in other countries.

I've been a fan of Plak Records for some time, Num is also a great label. Producers like Agnes, Ripperton (correct me if he's not Swiss but I think so!), Samim, Chaton/Hopen, Nhar are all doing great stuff and I'm sure I'm forgetting some others of note here. It must be a great little scene over there....Plak in particular is a great operation tho not so well known. I think Nhar could be a producer to watch in 2007 too, he's already been on Mobilee this year and I think he may have another Mobilee on the way (memory of a footnote on an email here, could be wrong)'s one side of Agnes's new 12 on Plak, very dark clanking stuff...good groove tho...i fixed this link on 12/12 so check it out if you missed out last week...the old link just didn't work...

Agnes-The Break (Plak Recordings)

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Put some music on to lighten the mood

Here's Plasmik's new track on Connaisseur, "Eight To Nine", it's got that classic Berlin channeling Chicago feel to warm, early morning house music, perfect 303 lines which are used nice and sparingly...for fans of Mobilee. Gotta hand it to Connaisseur, they've come up with 3 brilliant releases in very close succession at the end of the year. So go buy some if you like it

Radio No

Distinct lack of radio shows lately, disaster struck this week as I was unable to do the show due to illness. Thursday was a really bad day as I had to play at Backlash's third birthday that night also and had to choose one thing to do as I didn't have the health to do both. Apparently I am allergic to winter (or heating or fucking something), which is great as I am heartily looking forward to a Christmas of sitting inside, feeling weak, (on the days I'm not working) struggling for breath and trying to bore my finger into my left ethmoid sinus.

So what all this means is.....a doubly good show this week, which I will strive hard to make. Also had to cancel playing at the Space Camp night at Rogue, which is intensely annoying given I practised all week for a slightly different set to usual with some weirder tunes than usual. Guess I'll keep that set for the New Year when hopefully I'll feel a little better.

Not to go all Xmas guilt here but it actually is boggling how much we take our health for granted, and what the body is capable of (or incapable of) when not functioning correctly. What a worthless shell it can be, and yet from the outside everything still looks the same. I don't know what kind of damage having to force yourself to act normal when you feel not just bad, but so bad that you can't listen to what someone is saying properly, that you begin to think you need to sit down instead, does to your psyche. Probably not a lot, though you genuinely feel WEIRD, in the truest sense of the word. Still, if anything I've also learned how resilient the mind is, through all this. But you know, the bizarre thing is anyone can get struck down with a long term illness, and yes I know of course others are dying and terminally ill and far worse off than me, but it still is so utterly......I can't even say UNLUCKY cos it's not unlucky it's just the reality of a world on which we are actually just animals aswell....things happen to us which we can't control, and that is a fact that sometimes life makes you realise with blunt conviction.

I think in a situation where things are going really badly, for whatever reason, and seem utterly fucking hopeless, you actually realise how when things are going well people believe, if not necessarily in god or faith (tho some do) that their life is on some sort of course, that there is something guiding it. What I mean is that when things are going well, bad things can seem like a blip. How many times has someone said "oh it'll be ok" as a response to something bad? And most of the time, 99.9999999 percent of the time, they're right. It is ok, because things resolves themselves, the problem goes away, you meet the person a week later and something else is the problem, you progress, and everyone is happy.

But life doesn't go this way for everyone, it simply doesn't. Things happen which refuse to be resolved, which linger, which force people into daily confrontation, which mean you meet that person a week later, or a month later, or 6 months later and you want to lie about what your little story is. Why? Because it's the exact same story, nothing has resolved itself, nothing has changed, you haven't changed. And nobody knows how to deal with the stubborness of this impasse, least of all yourself. Feeling contented is normality, resolution is normality, closure is normality, all else is deviation. It sometimes feels like the world around you tugs you towards this resolution even when it just can't happen. Like when you watch the news and they end a story about a missing person in that false sombre tone that says "we may never know what happened to.........". But why may we never know? What they're really saying is "if we never find out what happened to this person, that's ok, because we're putting this in the mystery box, and that means it's over". Every story must have an end otherwise it's no good is it?

It's almost like we've come to believe, because most of what happens to is so joyously minor, that things naturally just work themselves out. "Things naturally just work themselves out", it sounds so perfect and sensible and plausible. But it's just our way of explaining the fact that nothing happens to us for the vast majority of our lives.

When things go wrong and just won't go right, whether health or whatever else, this veneer of optimism is just destroyed. You realise that there is no plan! There is no consistency except an illusory one. Nothing is protecting you from the abyss that in theory is around the next corner. Happiness really is fleeting, contentedness, normality....just the same.

Right now I can't actually remember what it physically feels like to feel normal, to feel like going somewhere, to breath deeply without worrying about the breath, to think thoughts for any length of time not filtered through bodily malfunction (and imagine what a genuine terminal illness or one of the thousands of conditions ten times more debilitating than mine, a trifle, must be like)

I don't know which is sadder, when you first stop doing things like drinking or going out and feel disappointed, or when a year down the line you realise that you no longer even entertain the notion of doing these things, that you have almost succeeded in killing off the part of you that used to be excited by them, that wants to do them, life can change so quickly and so dramatically.

Even within something terrible happening to you, and I suspect this is even true of people going through really fucking awful soul destroying tragedies which dwarf mine (which is basically a life consuming nuisance), even within whatever awful shit happens I think we find footholds of control and cling on to them. We find ways to think we are back in control again, rather than just floating in the wind at the whim of circumstance...we find a hope to cling on to or something to make us believe it isn't all that bad...but what do we know? It's just a fucking stab in the dark. Imagine how people who suffer multiple deaths in a family must feel, it must cause a total lack of faith in "life", in everything about normality and living and being a human being. They must see then that we are none of us in control. Illness or accident or death, the phrase "these things happen" is quite apt, happen being a passive verb, they happen, we suffer, there is no perpetrator. So we hope that they never happen to us, ironically without any idea of what we're afraid of, anyway mostly they don't happen to us.

The more I think about it the more I think that everyone has this underlying faith...even the most hardened atheist, subconsciously at least. To live every day and to enjoy life is to believe in the myth that we are actually in control. It's funny...I spent most of my late teens and early 20s going out and making every effort to lose control...and now it's lost completely well, it's not the same loss is it....back then I was I feel 90.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Mobilee DJ Charts

I assume others find these interesting, I know I do. I am sad like this tho....

Anja Schneider (mobilee)
1 - Samim / Do You See The Light / Circus Company
2 - Daniel Stefanik / The Bells - Anja Schneider Mix / mobilee 018
3 - Jamie Jones / The Capsule / Freak N Chic
4 - Cosmic Sandwich / Battle Twig / MBF
5 - Solomun & Gebrüder Ton / Tagesschau - Jackmate Remix / Diynamic
6 - Johnny Wagner / Innercity - Daniel Stefanik Mix / Trenton
7 - Jennifer Cardini & Shonky / August In Paris / mobilee
8 - Agnes / Personal Dub / Plak
9 - Efdemin / Dial 34
10 - Jahcoozi / Cassy Mix / Careless

Sebo K (mobilee)

1) hot chip "no fit state" (audion mix)
2) ray valioso "get the strings?"
3) miso "learn to pray" (charles webster dub)
4) larry heard "the sun can't compare"
5) pier bucci "hay consuelo" (samim mix)
6) gabriel ananda "doppel whipper" (dominik eulberg mix)
7) efdemin (dial 34)
8) ambivalent "boite diabolique" (heartthrob remix)
9) zander vt "dig your own rave"
10) square one "vesuvius" (justin martin mix)

Ralf Kollmann (mobilee)

1) Samim / Radiative / Moon Harbour
2) Cosmic Sandwich / Battle Twig / MBF
3) DJ Fame / Name It X / Dubsided
4) Dan Curtin / This Was Tomorrow / Tuningspork
5) Todd Sines / Thick Satin / Frankie 17
6) 2000 And One / Freak That, Funk That / Intacto
7) The Mole / Jing Over / Wagon Repair 20
8) Sasse / Up To You - Anja Schneider Remix / Moodmusic
9) Guido Schneider / Transmission / Pokerflat
10) Serafin / Vallemaggia Tool / Mountain People

Pan-Pot (mobilee)

Butane - Burger Boy EP - Dumb Unit
Tanzmann & Stefanik - Basic Needs - Moon Harbour
Florian Meindl - Glitchy Katie - Resopal
Bloody Mary - Appearance EP - Sender
Mark Verbos - Big Brother - CSM 011
H-Man - 51 Poland Street - Giant Weel
Belgrano - Don't talk - Neutonmusic
Jon Savoretti - 150 Razones - Esperanza
Naudio - The Fickle Heart ep - Relay
Christian Smith & jon selway - Silver Bullet - Ovum

GummiHz (mobilee)

1. AUDIO WERNER - Just wanna get down rmx (Trapez ltd)
2. GUIDO SCHNEIDER - Transmission (Pokerflat)
3. MIKE SHANNON - The hang up EP (Wagon Repair)
4. DANIEL STEFANIK/ EXERCISE ONE - Mobilee back to back remix series 04
5. ALEXI DELANO & XPANSUL - Swimming in a fish bowl (Truesoul)
6. TANZMANN & STEFANIK - Basic Needs (Moon Harbour)
7. VARIOUS ARTISTS - MV06 (Multivitamins)
9. EXPO 2000 - Abe Duque remixes (ASAP)
10. JAMES HOLDEN - The idiots are winning (Border Community)

Miss Jools (Sleeper Thief)











Shonky (Paris)

Osvaldo: No More Vampires (Underline)
Friendly People: Music is improper(Apnea)
Selway:Slide into your space(CSM)
S.Linzatti:Monikers(Stockholm LTD)
Jay Haze Berlin Pimpin Number 2(Tuning spork)
Mule: Mousecode Ep(Resopal Red)
Shonky: Olympia(Freak n'Chic)
Lee van dowski,Quenum: The Torque Machine(Defrag)
Jamie Jones:Panic(Crosstown Rebels)
Jesper Dahlbäck: The Persuader(Svek)


1. Mindless nagging repetetive riff
2. Protracted hissing breakdown
3. Brilliant for fading in slowly in the mix
4. A little spazziness never hurts, this is big dumb acid.

Solomun-Hanseknaller (Diynamic)

What a brilliant track.