Monday, September 26, 2005

Instead of the long-awaited Kirk Degiorgio For Starters

Romance Is for Solids: ten tracks, all from this year, mostly moody and sparse (86mb). Minor crossfading, no beatmatching. More useful on an operating table than a dancefloor. It should actually be titled Necromantic Behavior, or maybe "Is That a Knot in Your Shoulder or Are You Just Frightened to See Me?." [The mix is now offline -- ed.]

Monday, September 19, 2005

Ivan Smagghe on Berlin

"I might move to London next year, I've considered it loads of times, but not Berlin. There are too many creative-hobo-DJ-web-designer-party people types. I like cities where you have to fight a bit, cities with edge. Berlin is so cheap everyone can afford not to have a real job, to slack around a lot and party til Tuesday afternoon. I like it as a visitor but it's not real enough for me."

(He's partly right, you know.)