Monday, December 11, 2006


Signed up to Technorati today as part of the general upgrade of the blog I've been doing lately (RSS feed now on the right, be sure and tell me if it ain't working, I'm learning this still)...saw that I had been linked by Samim having mentioned him in the post about Swiss artists.

It's a really nice blog he has there, showcasing his work and lots of cool videos too, and it's always welcome to get a link from someone making the music. Samim, if you're wondering, records for labels like Tuning Spork/Circus Company/Moon Harbour (to name a few), but you'll probably know him best as one half of the Get Physical act Fuckpony. If you still haven't heard the awesome acid drenched bible-funk of their "Switch On The Light/Pee On Me" release from this year (and it sank a little too quickly), then you're in luck cos it's getting a re-release on the mighty Cocoon recordings. It really is one of the best releases this year and definitely the most original (a must for anyone thinking they want to ditch all this minimal and hear some US sounds again)

The other half of Fuckpony is of course, Jay Haze whom I recently interviewed for the online magazine Flavorpill. That interview is forthcoming and I'll link to it here when it's's a very interesting chat with some strong views from Jay, a book/movie recommendation, and an interesting scoop on Timbaland...

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