Thursday, November 30, 2006


So if you want to listen live to my show tonight, here's what's in store, from 21.00 to 22.30 GMT...on Raidio Na Life.

New Connaisseur from Plasmik plus Anja Schneider remix, new Deadbeat/Monolake on Cynosure (these are ace, one nice minimal Chicago and the Monolake a huge dubby monster), a good Minilogue remix of some electronica dudes called Kritical Audio which is very Booka Shade, the new Pablo Akaros on Karmarouge Noir (normally not into Karmarouge apart from THE GLUCKSMELODIE but this is cool almost quirky chopped up electronic house). On Diynamic the new 12 from H.O.S.H. and Solomun, Marcel Dettmann's new tune on the Ostgut label, Woody's amazing Ame-esque remix of Autotune on Fumakilla, Agnes on Einmaleins, another Greek bearing gifts on Gumption, Sleeper Thief's remix of the new Phonique 12 on Tiefschwarz's Souvenir label, and last but perhaps best of all, an utterly storming, trippy, Carl Craig style remix from Daniel Stefanik on Trenton.

Whew...and a download of all this tomorrow if you miss out on the live show...but try and check it out. Two downloads hopefully this week as last week's show is still in the works!

Finally to the Dubliners amongst you, come down to Backlash tonight if you're around the city, where it's our third birthday, three years of madness in an electrohouse style....all the residents will be playing tonight even resident invalid ME.


"Chris Duckenfield
The Monolake mix is like being in the engine room of an unterwasserboot taking a bath in warm toffee"

I'm sure Chris is a nice person but seriously, why the need for this idiotic wackiness with English people? (especially bad in dance music circles). Somebody from England tell me, is this instilled in you in school or something? I mean, yes English comedy is funny but not in this mode where it simply runs adjectives and nouns together until something ZANY comes up. Absolutely moronic...and people wonder why there are so few good English producers, possibly cos the vast majority can't stop guffawing for long enough to actually make a piece of work that's good enough that they don't have to preface it with comedy...

And the worst part is living in a country where people are influenced by this fucking maddening trait!

Here's an even worse one. Zero idea who HOWIE MANNGLE is, tho presumably he organises School Disco or something, I'm going to stick my neck out and say he has to be English tho, or Australian at the least...feast your eyes on this monstrosity...

"Could be the best thing since sliced bread or the slinky... comes close to being better than edible underwear! Playing this record is like riding an unbridled colt through a mid summer medow, feeling the morning dew on your face whilst unleashing Thunder upon those listening around you. Stunningly Beautiful, yet horrifically exciting all the same time."

And the record they were both talking about? A Monolake/Deadbeat release on Cynosure, "OO-ER I HAVE NOTHING INTERESTING TO SAY IT'S BENNY HILL TIME".

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Here's my list of 30 singles for Hot Press, whom I seldom write for lately but since they asked I duly obliged. I know I have forgotten tons of great tracks, it's impossible to narrow things down since I am probably playing 15-18 new tunes on the radio weekly for the last 6 many great records this year, and I'm sure I've missed out on some, but you know, maybe the ones that instantly spring to mind are somehow the definitive away with your addendums below! (I might try and do a recap and YSI some of these next month, it's a long Xmas and I feel so bad that I won't be drinking much, so sharing might feel good!)

Mr Kemi and Amox-Natas (Opossum)
Michael Ho-Econoclast (Tuning Spork)
Loco Dice-Seeing Through Shadows (M_Nus)
Duoteque-Adyra (Boxer)
Pascal FEOS-Timeless (Synaptic)
Steadycam-Knock Kneed (K2)
Gummihz-The First Time (Mobilee)
Claude Vonstroke-The Whistler (Dirty Bird)
Booka Shade-In White Rooms (Get Physical)
Fuckaponydelic-Switch On The Light (Ineedasuperfreak)
Gabriel Ananda-Doppelwhipper (Platzhirsch)
Trickski-At Les (Sonar Kollektiv)
Gui Boratto-Sozinho (K2)
Hug-The Platform (K2)
Jamie Jones-It’s Scary Down Here (Freak and Chic)
Heckmann and Kaufeltt-Kookaburra (AFU Ltd)
DJ T Vs Booka Shade-Played Runner (Get Physical)
Exercise One-Debaya (Daniel Stefanik Mix)-(Mobilee)
Jochen Trappe-Blackout Barbados (Connaisseur)
Falco Brocksieper-Hardwired (Tuning Spork)
Shyza Minelli-To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before (Substatic)
Lazy Fat People-Shinjuku (Wagon Repair)
Jurgens-Love It (Room Recordings)
Ripperton featuring She DJ Masaya-Long Distance (Num Ltd)
Donato Dozzy-Gol (Dimensions)
Saint I-Bot-White Night (TFE)
Kollektiv Turmstrasse-Disconnect Me (Ostwind)
Shonky-Solar (Substatic)
Martin Landsky-1000 Miles (Pokerflat)
Paul Nazca-Nice To Be Here (Bpitch Control

PS:Having a nightmare with uploading last week's radio show, File Factory has failed on me twice after hours of uploading...if anyone has any server space going begging that'd be great...but in the meantime I'll try again tomorrow, it's a decent show too with some nice keep an eye here...

Thursday, November 23, 2006

As December approaches...

Still finding lots of good tunes...after successfully negotiating Beatport for the first time since buying CD-Js about 2 months ago, see my furious thread here

Really really feeling Mr Kemi and Amox's "Natas" on Opossu. I think I have a 12 of theirs on Tic Tac Toe or one of those good Scandinavian minimal labels. This is a brilliant Amazonian chirping piece of Henrik Schwarz style Detroit influenced dynamite. If it was Luciano or someone we'd probably have seen it on every msg board in the land by now. Also I presume this is what they play in countries where clubs open after 3am! Richard Brophy of DJ mag and Test Industries has been talking about this "Deepinal" thing, or deep house meets minimal, for a while I guess, in different places. I figured Tuning Spork and Mobilee were sort of doing this anyway, and it's always been going, but there is a definitely a certain type of new lushness to a lot of the really good records, particularly in the last month or so, where Nass and Efdemin and now Mr Kemi and Amox have come with some really dubbed up housey goodness. Anyway "Natas" is quality. Check it out, if you like it the 12 has two other nice tunes on it too, so try and buy it!

Also really like Sebastian Roya's new single on Connaisseur, they're back to the deeper style after Jochen Trappe's banger. There's a Rekleiner mix on the flip but surely I can't be the only one who is getting pretty sick of all these Audiofly/Rekleiner releases. They're all production skills, no creativity. It's the same syndrome as Bodzin lately, 100 varieties of "The Sky Was Pink" with jaw dropping cinematic final mastering. Use your powers for good guys and go and clean up some releases for younger more inexperienced producers with some new ideas!

To continue the whole US styled minimal thing, and thus further exaggerate its prevalence, I'm going to also give you guys Jamie Jones' "It's Scary Down Here". This is a nice piece of jacking house as Freak and Chic do nicely IMO, great breakdown, again, the other 2 tracks on this 12 are great too, so if you are into this go and buy it also...

It's Scary Down Here

Oh yes and before I forget, here's me, published today, doing one of my day jobs! You can't spell technology without "techno". Reckon I can only use that joke once...

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Sinking Links

Anyone know why the links on the right are sinking? Please help this small blog to survive the winter.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

More Radio...

Here we go

It's pretty good this week! Yes some weeks I think "that was shit".

I had some technical problems last week and didn't get an mp3, so I had 2 weeks worth of new stuff to play this time around, check out the great new Liebe Detail, both sides are really good, and very different from each other. The Efdemin is more of this Nass style Basic Channel dipping into deep house that's been cropping up again and again lately, while the flip is like Microfunk or something, very agitated and banging...

NOTE: After clicking the first link, scroll down to where it says "download for free with file factory basic" and click that.

Here is a tracklist

John Tejada-What Ever Happened to Manners (Palette)
Efdemin-Lohn and Brot (Liebe Detail)
Heinrichs and Hirtenfeller-Legends
Depeche Mode-Sinner In Me (Villalobos Mix) (Mute)
Jay Haze-Mofo
Woody-Hot Rod (Fumakilla)
Angelo Battilani-empty (Liebe Detail)
Cosmic Sandwich-Scatter Realm (My Best Friend)
Insect-Insect 03 (Insect)
Thomas P heckmann-tangents (bpitch)
Jochen Trappe-Crosstalk (Connaisseur)
Audiofly-Cold Light of Day (Get Physical)
Gui Boratto-Gate 7 (K2)
Jay Haze-Until You Fat (Tuning Spork)
Spencer Parker-Beautiful Noise (Ripperton's Return to Valparaiso Mix)-(Rekid)

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Religious Driving Music

I love to drive and listen to dance music, it's one of my favourite places to listen to music. Possibly cos with so much DJing, at home or on the radio, and of course the endless scanning of online stores and mp3s, you don't always get to sit back and listen to tunes. So the car is a good place to take stock, plus I always find driving is beautifully brain consuming, it uses up just enough concentration that you can think about nothing but the road in front of you and the music you have on, provided it suits that trance like state.

Last week I listened to Trickski's reworking of 69's "At Les", on the way home after doing the radio show. Great piece of music, with endless chiming chords that sound like techno church bells....

Trickski-At Les

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Learning from lazy Russians

Reading this at the moment.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Nervous Laughter Interruption

I should also add, although I've been the one posting here the last while, this is still a group blog, if you think Andy/Jess/Vahid/Tim/Phil/Ethan/Mackro (is that everybody, more like a blog council!) should do a post, say their names 5 times in comments!

Saturday, November 11, 2006

The desire for disconnection

Sometimes people listen to music because it makes them feel part of something. Maybe even most of the time. Generally in life we connect, automatically, obliviously, with people around us. We find ways, interests, hobbies, art, music. Sharing CDs, going to gigs, blogging, DJing, all these ways of getting along with others, even if the joy of music as a shared experience sometimes feels like a Coca Cola adopted marketing scheme that somehow nobody realised was killing modern notions like "passion", "meaning", "sincerity" etc.

Shared musical experiences always left me cold, at least until I began going to see DJs every week in 2001 or so. Something about the authority of collectivism that always makes me doubt whether I have a choice in how to feel, whether it's sitting around the Christmas dinner table or just liking a CD that someone else likes. Sometimes I wonder if I trust people who feel differently. Not these days anyway.

Because other times, people listen to music to make them understand being alone. Again, the concept seems so clichéd, the popular way and rule of how we consume music and "how it makes us feel" seems so learned sometimes, it subsumes everything. You give it an inch and it takes a mile. So I'm not talking about listening to sad music because you feel sad. Films, ads, blogs, they murdered any meaning in this a long time ago, at least for me. Truly disconnected music is music which is hardcore, which doesn't compromise, which sounds utterly of its time, which does not care if you like it or not. Ok, so that sounds like bigtalk, alpha male techno cliché's not meant to.

When I think of uncompromising music, I think of truly avant garde sounds, repetition, wig outs, heavy dubs, noise, minimalism. Music which is heavy, which weighs on the senses, which can never be subsumed into neat boxes of human experience like the proverbial "and music made us have the best times of our lives dude!" of the Coke ad (which is way too prevalent in the music press, more's the pity).

Here's an example, you know when you put on a CD in a public place, perhaps when you're stupid enough to do so at 14 or something, and people or friends say "that's depressing", and this had never occurred to you? You never thought whatever CD it was was depressing, you probably thought it was happy. Maybe you were right. Is alternative music actually depressing or are people just depressed by music which doesn't allow them to empty it from their head instantly? Or which doesn't allow them to formulate whatever usual emotion they formulate when listening to music? Eg "happy", "sad", "dance", "rap". Sometimes I think people are like robots, you change the inputs and "DOES NOT COMPUTE" appears on their display screen. You deviate from the normal answers and "ERROR" appears.

Lately, in what is probably a death wish for someone who wants to write about music, at least in the commercial gravy train of reviews etc, I find myself seeking to hack off any connection my taste has with that of others, with consensus, with written reviews, with generally accepted opinions, existing genres. I don't know if I'm succeeding, someone may read this post and laugh. I am trying though.

What music is there when you don't want to connect with people, either by feeling sad or by feeling happy? When how you feel is more complex? When sometimes you feel dead, disconnected by circumstance, robotic. There is so much of it out there, and I suppose it's ignored to some extent. I listen to music now to make feeling alone have a soundtrack, I actively seek out records that seem to need seeking such are their poor social skills. Needless to say, all this minimal house has come at a good time. Of course, others probably rejoice in the same sounds, but such is the melancholy/euphoria split in dance music.

It's funny when, sometimes, people I know wonder what music I like, or if I like any at all, because in the last 18 months I've constantly been trying to sever all links with the taste of others, and even my own past taste. Self effacement I suppose. And yet I know there are plenty of people I share taste with, I guess the real beauty of music is the freedom to different interpretations, there are probably people out getting smashed to the tunes that I play on the radio, which to me just feel weird and disconnected, but mostly devoid of feeling, saying nothing but "here is sound".

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Gathering the leaves...

Loving Jochen Trappe's new single on Connaisseur. Of course a lot of you will be well on top of Connaisseur by now, they've been emerging as one of the coolest Berlin house labels for some time now. Trappe's EP comes out of leftfield tho, gone is the deepness of earlier releases, this is red hot techno. It's difficult to pick one clear winner on a very strong release, both "Bypass" and "Crosstalk" are instantly arresting, edit heavy lo-fi techno in the style of DJ Koze, a real change of pace for Connaisseur.

Also worth checking out is Sender's third great release in a row after what seemed like months of forgettable 12s, that's Jens Bond and Benno Blome's "Tentacular". Jens Bond had his debut on Highgrade records recently which found its way onto the radio show, loved "Rocket Queen" in particular.

A little disappointed by the new Heckmann/Zenker on AFU, the follow up to Heckmann and Kaufelt's "Kookaburra". Really loving the new Mobilee Back to Back 12s, even the Jesse Rose mix, I may have to break my irrational prejudice towards Jesse, not least since I hear on the blogvine that he is mixing the new Body Language CD on GPM.

Andre Kraml has done a great remix of "Sideways" by Miss Yeti, great skulking house music. And I'm really feeling "Edie 11" off the new Weatherall 12, dubby house with cut up acoustic guitar, has a different feel to it.

Also really feeling Nass's productions lately, his housey 12 on Firm is great, with a nice Basic Channel vibe to it. And his "Teil" release on Nummer is also brilliant (another stoic techno label which has been releasing great and surprisingly crossover smashes that would probably be a lot bigger if they weren't in such serious looking sleeves) Both of these are in recent radio shows linked below.

Since you read all that and hopefully feverishly took notes, here's the Weatherall and another little treat: Ripperton's majestic reworking of Bjork's Pagan Poetry, in all its unmixed glory. This is forthcoming on vinyl so if you really like it go out and buy it.

Oh yeah and a final word to say adios to Carbon Records, I worked in Carbon Dublin for 2 and a half years and learned a lot while I was there, sold a lot of records, sometimes I knew exactly how to help people get great stuff they liked, other times, say with funk and soul for the first year or so, I just bluffed and gave people records based on which other regulars had bought them. But hey it always worked!

I guess nowadays the "hub" of the record store is a thing of the past, people take control themselves and buy records online, and post on blogs and forums to meet like minded heads. So despite the sadness of these local stores closing, I'd argue that the acceleration of consumption in the dance scene in the last few years, while ruthless, breeds a more informed punter. There's a lot more power at the fingertips of the amateur DJ and fan, and the hegemony of big DJs being the ones in the loop has been kind of smashed.

If you're in tomorrow (Thursday evening), between 21.00 and 22.30 GMT, check out the radio show, if you're not in watch this space and I'll post an mp3 of the show up on Friday morning. Most of the above mentioned new tunes will be played, looking forward to it...

Friday, November 03, 2006

New Mobilee/Connaisseur/Tuning Spork/Rekid/Firm/Tiefschwarz/Solieb

NOTE: scroll down to where it says "Download for free with file factory basic. Should have webspace soon so no more nasty file factory links : )

Here's the tracklist...quite heavy on the Mobilee but then the second two remix 12s are pretty much faultless, with my favourite being Daniel Stefanik's awesome remix of Excercise One. Also love the Donato Dozzy....hope you enjoy this.

Daniel Stefanik-The Bells (Anja Schneider's Back from the Valley mix)-(Mobilee)
Glitches-Audio Carl (Defrag Sound Processing
Donato Dozzy-Gol (Dozzy Recordings)
Walter Ercolino-Trapped in a Rabbit Hole-Marek Hemann Remix (Meerestief)
Sami Koivikko-Pientare (Spectral Sound)
Adam Proll-Hummel (Cocoon)
Excercise One-Debaya (Daniel Stefanik Remix)-(Mobilee)
Jason Emsley-Sober (Platzhirsch)
Solieb-Integrale (Maschine)
Jay Haze-Boring Acid (Tuning Spork)
Pan-Pot-Black Dog (Jesse Rose Remix)-(Mobilee)
Luke Solomon-Ghouls (Claude Vonstroke Remix)-(Rekid)
Ichundu-Hey (Souvenir)
Sebo K and Prosumer-Horizons (Excercise One Mix)-(Mobilee)