Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Marketing Music

So Marketing is a new label based in Paris which I think might be worth keeping an eye on. The first release "A Tribute To John Surman" featured a track each from respected dudes like I:Cube, Tekel, and Tim Paris, and seems to have been played by pretty much everybody. And it's great, Tekel's track makes with the Black Strobeisms as usual, panic electrohouse. The I:Cube is pretty cool too.

But the best of the lot is probably Tim Paris's epic contribution, timeless in the sense that to call it electrohouse would be a bit too easy. It is electrohouse in some ways but it doesn't feel like a record which couldn't have come out pre-electrohouse, with its big almost Detroit techno entrance, followed by cowbells galore and an almost post-punk bassline.

The second release hasn't quite hit the shelves yet, it's a joint project between Cosmo Vitelli and Julien Briffaz of Tekel. Once again it's fairly difficult to categorise, one side is a bit like an instrumental New Order track given a re-edit for the 00s, the other is like Metro Area or early Get Physical with the melancholy, glitz, and sleaze of the best Kill The DJ releases.

And that's it so far, two releases, but if they can continue releasing such downright different stuff then there's no reason Marketing won't be huge in 2006. Check it out!