Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Jesse Does Jermany

Or perhaps it's vice versa? Jesse Rose's debut for Get Physical "Didn't I" explores the emerging middleground (or minimalground?) between some of the more US styled minimal that's been coming out(though I wouldn't say dominating, in terms of creativity or prevalence) and the techier Euro sounds we're more used to from Get Physical. The result is a track which sounds like Tuning Spork gone hi-fi...with Henrik Schwarz a good stylistic point of reference. The 12 has two mixes by Jesse Rose, the first is a sprawling 8 minutes of not quite 4/4 early morning minimal. It's by far the most Euro thing I've heard from Jesse Rose, who flirted with this concept on his recent remix of Pan-Pot on Mobilee...however that was nowhere near as deep and well, downright Germanic as "Didn't I". There's also a "Made To Play" mix which is a little more bumping and closer to Rose's original style, though it's not too close (which for this writer is a good thing!).

Finally you get a strong remix from Audion, who keeps things quite melodic and accessible which I suppose is the name of the game when recording for Get Physical. All in all it's the best release on GPM for some time, in my opinion. That's not to say that recent releases were bad, just they felt more like the end of the 2006 outbox. This, along with the recent news that Dixon will mix "Body Language IV-The Housening", certainly seems to put down a marker for the label's direction in 2007.

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Blogger Tim said...

I take it thing re Dixon and Body Language IV a joke, Ronan?

I've seen a Dixon DJ mix from last year called Drawn From The Roots which looks ace ace ace but it's been too expensive for me to buy it.

9:15 PM  
Blogger Ronan said...

yeah just joking!

the first "mixing" comp on sonar kollektiv is pretty cool, has a great ame remix of jazzanova...think that was the first ame tune that struck me...

9:31 PM  
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