Thursday, November 30, 2006


"Chris Duckenfield
The Monolake mix is like being in the engine room of an unterwasserboot taking a bath in warm toffee"

I'm sure Chris is a nice person but seriously, why the need for this idiotic wackiness with English people? (especially bad in dance music circles). Somebody from England tell me, is this instilled in you in school or something? I mean, yes English comedy is funny but not in this mode where it simply runs adjectives and nouns together until something ZANY comes up. Absolutely moronic...and people wonder why there are so few good English producers, possibly cos the vast majority can't stop guffawing for long enough to actually make a piece of work that's good enough that they don't have to preface it with comedy...

And the worst part is living in a country where people are influenced by this fucking maddening trait!

Here's an even worse one. Zero idea who HOWIE MANNGLE is, tho presumably he organises School Disco or something, I'm going to stick my neck out and say he has to be English tho, or Australian at the least...feast your eyes on this monstrosity...

"Could be the best thing since sliced bread or the slinky... comes close to being better than edible underwear! Playing this record is like riding an unbridled colt through a mid summer medow, feeling the morning dew on your face whilst unleashing Thunder upon those listening around you. Stunningly Beautiful, yet horrifically exciting all the same time."

And the record they were both talking about? A Monolake/Deadbeat release on Cynosure, "OO-ER I HAVE NOTHING INTERESTING TO SAY IT'S BENNY HILL TIME".


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