Sunday, November 19, 2006

More Radio...

Here we go

It's pretty good this week! Yes some weeks I think "that was shit".

I had some technical problems last week and didn't get an mp3, so I had 2 weeks worth of new stuff to play this time around, check out the great new Liebe Detail, both sides are really good, and very different from each other. The Efdemin is more of this Nass style Basic Channel dipping into deep house that's been cropping up again and again lately, while the flip is like Microfunk or something, very agitated and banging...

NOTE: After clicking the first link, scroll down to where it says "download for free with file factory basic" and click that.

Here is a tracklist

John Tejada-What Ever Happened to Manners (Palette)
Efdemin-Lohn and Brot (Liebe Detail)
Heinrichs and Hirtenfeller-Legends
Depeche Mode-Sinner In Me (Villalobos Mix) (Mute)
Jay Haze-Mofo
Woody-Hot Rod (Fumakilla)
Angelo Battilani-empty (Liebe Detail)
Cosmic Sandwich-Scatter Realm (My Best Friend)
Insect-Insect 03 (Insect)
Thomas P heckmann-tangents (bpitch)
Jochen Trappe-Crosstalk (Connaisseur)
Audiofly-Cold Light of Day (Get Physical)
Gui Boratto-Gate 7 (K2)
Jay Haze-Until You Fat (Tuning Spork)
Spencer Parker-Beautiful Noise (Ripperton's Return to Valparaiso Mix)-(Rekid)


Blogger Tal said...

thanks, it looks really good. finally some new gui boratto! new rekids release and that outstanding villalobos remix.

keep it up

4:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

check the new andreas heizenberger 12" with very nice dubby remixes by efdemin and nass

4:26 PM  
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