Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Here's my list of 30 singles for Hot Press, whom I seldom write for lately but since they asked I duly obliged. I know I have forgotten tons of great tracks, it's impossible to narrow things down since I am probably playing 15-18 new tunes on the radio weekly for the last 6 many great records this year, and I'm sure I've missed out on some, but you know, maybe the ones that instantly spring to mind are somehow the definitive away with your addendums below! (I might try and do a recap and YSI some of these next month, it's a long Xmas and I feel so bad that I won't be drinking much, so sharing might feel good!)

Mr Kemi and Amox-Natas (Opossum)
Michael Ho-Econoclast (Tuning Spork)
Loco Dice-Seeing Through Shadows (M_Nus)
Duoteque-Adyra (Boxer)
Pascal FEOS-Timeless (Synaptic)
Steadycam-Knock Kneed (K2)
Gummihz-The First Time (Mobilee)
Claude Vonstroke-The Whistler (Dirty Bird)
Booka Shade-In White Rooms (Get Physical)
Fuckaponydelic-Switch On The Light (Ineedasuperfreak)
Gabriel Ananda-Doppelwhipper (Platzhirsch)
Trickski-At Les (Sonar Kollektiv)
Gui Boratto-Sozinho (K2)
Hug-The Platform (K2)
Jamie Jones-It’s Scary Down Here (Freak and Chic)
Heckmann and Kaufeltt-Kookaburra (AFU Ltd)
DJ T Vs Booka Shade-Played Runner (Get Physical)
Exercise One-Debaya (Daniel Stefanik Mix)-(Mobilee)
Jochen Trappe-Blackout Barbados (Connaisseur)
Falco Brocksieper-Hardwired (Tuning Spork)
Shyza Minelli-To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before (Substatic)
Lazy Fat People-Shinjuku (Wagon Repair)
Jurgens-Love It (Room Recordings)
Ripperton featuring She DJ Masaya-Long Distance (Num Ltd)
Donato Dozzy-Gol (Dimensions)
Saint I-Bot-White Night (TFE)
Kollektiv Turmstrasse-Disconnect Me (Ostwind)
Shonky-Solar (Substatic)
Martin Landsky-1000 Miles (Pokerflat)
Paul Nazca-Nice To Be Here (Bpitch Control

PS:Having a nightmare with uploading last week's radio show, File Factory has failed on me twice after hours of uploading...if anyone has any server space going begging that'd be great...but in the meantime I'll try again tomorrow, it's a decent show too with some nice keep an eye here...