Friday, October 13, 2006

Have another mix....

thomas melchior-different places (perlon)
ed davenport-swantalk (liebe detail)
terry lee brown-our rhythm (matthias tanzmann mix)
my my-moneybowl
jens bond-rocket queen-(high grade)
excercise one-12 years (lan music)
saint ibot-tschakk (tfe)
booka shade-darko (booka's funk da funk mix)-get physical
and again-thirty one times (sender)
heckmann and kaufelt-kookaburra (knarz remix)-acid fuckers unite
alland byallo-buckets-(liebe detail)
stephan bodzin-papillon (herzblut)
reynold-over there (donato dozzy mix)
lazy fat people-shinjuku-wagon repair
bjork-pagan poetry (ripperton remix)-white

hope this is enjoyable, if it's not self congratulatory to pick a favourite part, I love the segue from "thirty one times" into "kookaburra (knarz mix)".