Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Fun DJ tunes....

Had good fun playing at Backlash last week, the club I play at over here in Dublin. It was a bit slow getting started but by 1.00 or so was pretty full, and a great atmosphere as usual. Started my set with And Again's "Thirty One Times", and then I took it from there. Finally played Pascal Feos's awesome "Timeless" to a full club, and the reaction was amazing. The fake buildup is great, the entire club cheers as the track hisses as if the bass is about to come back, and then there's 2 minutes more of waiting.

Also getting a great buzz was "Ephemera" from Paul Nazca's new 12 on Bpitch Control" It's a bit like Mayer/Voigt's "Transparenza" from earlier this year, big stomping trance with those really wet sounding drums, benefits alot from being pitched up though, I think I played it this way. Also finally got to play Puzique's "Chemie" on Boys Noize's label, which is a really great piece of techno in the style of Hardfloor, totally goes off at the end. Good fun though and maybe the best fun DJing at Backlash I've had since we moved to Rogue.


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