Saturday, April 08, 2006


On and off, for the past several years, I've been dumping copies of tracks I like into folders assigned to each month. The objective is to take my favorite ten tracks from a given month (though it's impossible to be rigidly strict about release dates) and arrange them in a way that makes them listenable on my player. I tend to fall behind, but recently I was able to wrap up December '05-March '06. This is how I trick myself into thinking I'm on top of things. (Yes, these playlists are different from the informal charts that have been literally thrown up.)

March '06
01 Robert Babicz - My Blue Car (Barbarella)
02 Seidemann - Inbus (Echocord)
03 Dominik Eulberg & Gabriel Ananda - Schierker Kreisel (Traum)
04 Onur Özer - Twilight (Vakant)
05 Booka Shade - Mandarine Girl [Konrad Black & Troy Pierce Remix] (Get Physical)
06 Jackmate - Targa! (Milnor Modern)
07 Galoppierende Zuversicht - Erdschuber (Bruchstuecke)
08 Steadycam - Rotums Kanoner (K2)
09 Minilogue - The Girl from Botany Bay (WIR)
10 Ada - Sternhagel (Combination)

February '06
01 Dell + Flügel - Superstructure (Laboratory Instinct)
02 Phillippe Cam - Somewhere Between Here and There [Akufen Remix] (Musique Risquée)
03 Antonelli - Surrender (Kalk Pets)
04 Fairmont - Hotel Deauville (Playmade)
05 Sebo K - Horizons (Mobilee)
06 Sleeparchive - Transposition Reverse (Sleeparchive)
07 Richard H Kirk - Casa NC Dada (Dust Science)
08 Marek Hemmann - Ropy (Milnor Modern)
09 Lee Van Dowski & Tsack - Unicare (Defrag)
10 Chelonis R Jones - Deer in the Headlights [DJ Hell Remix] (Get Physical)

January '06
01 Mikkel Metal - Memories (Kompakt)
02 Claro Intelecto - New Dawn (Modern Love)
03 Pelle Buys - Tribute to Solitude (Italic)
04 Berg Nixon - New York Minute (Minus)
05 Nerk & Dirk Leyers - Monster One (My Best Friend)
06 Matthias Tanzmann - Bulldozer [Robag Wruhme Remix] (Moon Harbour)
07 Richard Davis - Common Sense [Gui.tar Remix] (Kitty-Cuts)
08 Water Lilly - Dissidance [Tomas Andersson Remix] (Lasergun)
09 Nico Purman - Resurgir (Onitor)
10 Electric Rescue - Rough Auss [Bastien Grine Remix] (Scandium)

December '05
01 Prins Thomas - Goettsching (Full Pupp)
02 Jonas Bering - Luna [Ari Bau Remix] (LessIzMo:r)
03 Syclops - The Fly (Tirk)
04 My My - Serpentine (Playhouse)
05 Kontrast - Lush Life (Kompakt)
06 Arp Aubert - Actress [Lawrence Remix] (Mirau)
07 Fairmont - Let's Stay Young Forever (Echocord)
08 Oliver Hacke - Fair Rance's Mid Atlantic Solutions (A Touch of Class)
09 Cassy - Night to Remember (Perlon)
10 Daso - Daybreak (My Best Friend)


Anonymous Hans Veneman said...

December 07 is probably by Fairmont, isn't it? :)

What's this Ada track btw?

12:11 PM  
Blogger Andy said...

Good catch!

The Ada track is on part one of the Traffic III comp. It's short and extremely sweet and I can't believe she didn't save it for an Areal release.

1:32 PM  
Anonymous hans Veneman said...

Thanks! Found the mp3 on and bought it. Very nice indeed.

2:29 PM  
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